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How to create Flashcards from PDFs using Scholarly (New)

By Scholarly

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Step 1: Upload Your PDF

Start by uploading your PDF to Scholarly. You can drag and drop your file or use the CNTR + Z shortcut. Our platform supports various file formats. Welcome Screen with Options

Step 2: Create Your Study Tools

After uploading, you have options to start a flashcard deck or engage with our PDF assistant. To begin creating flashcards, select 'Create Flashcard Deck'. PDF to Flashcards Tutorial

Step 3: Customize Your Flashcards

Customize your flashcards by selecting specific pages, choosing the language, and setting the AI prompt to tailor your study needs. Create Flashcards from PDF

Step 4: Generate Flashcards

Click 'Create Flashcards' to let our AI quickly process the selected pages into informative flashcards.

Step 5: Refine and Organize

Now edit and organize your flashcards, adding detailed notes and arranging them efficiently. Final Flashcard Example

Step 6: Study Mode

With our free plan, manage up to 5 pages or upgrade to manage 50 with our premium plan. To review, click "View" to expand your flashcards to full screen and select "Study" to engage with custom quiz problems derived from your flashcards.


Scholarly streamlines the transition from PDFs to custom flashcards, enhancing your learning experience. Start simplifying your study sessions with Scholarly today. Visit us at Scholarly.


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