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Scholarly's AI Text Completion feature enhances your writing by providing real-time, context-aware suggestions, similar to GitHub Copilot. It's ideal for drafting notes, compiling research, or writing essays efficiently.

Here’s a quick video showcasing AI Text Completion in action:

Step 1: Create Your Page

Start by creating a new page on Scholarly to compose your content:

  1. Open the Sidebar: Click on the Create Page button.
  2. Choose Your Layout: Pick a template that fits your content needs.

Here’s a video on how to create a page:

Step 2: Upload Contextual Documents (Optional)

For writing that relates to specific documents:

  • Upload PDFs or Images: Drag and drop documents into your page. This provides additional context, enhancing the AI's relevance and accuracy.

Step 3: Start Writing

Begin typing your content:

  • Automatic Suggestions: Pause while typing to receive text completion suggestions, aiding your writing flow.

Step 4: Choose the Best Suggestion

Refine your content with ease:

  • Use Arrow Keys: Navigate through suggestions with arrow keys to select the best fit for your text.

Step 5: Insert AI Text

Integrating AI suggestions is straightforward:

  • Press "Tab": Hit the "Tab" key to append the chosen suggestion to your document.

As you write, the AI learns from the content, improving its suggestions to ensure they are always relevant and beneficial to your tasks.

Need Further Assistance?

If you have any questions or need a bit more help, don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]. We’re eager to assist you in making the most out of Scholarly!


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