How to Add Images to Flashcards on Scholarly

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Enhancing your flashcards with images can make learning more interactive and memorable. Follow this simple guide to add images to your flashcards on Scholarly.

Step 1: Access the Image Options

Navigate to the deck you are working on. Hover over the flashcard to which you want to add an image. Click "Answer Image" or "Question Image" depending on where you want the image to appear. This will open a sidebar on the right.

Step 2: Choose an Image Source

From the sidebar, you have three options to choose an image:

Option 1: Content Library

All previously uploaded images on Scholarly are available here. Scroll through the library to find and select an image suitable for your flashcard.

Content Library Image

Option 2: Google Search

If the Content Library doesn't have what you need, use the Google Search option. This feature allows you to search the web for images directly within Scholarly, ensuring you find the exact image to match your study needs.

Google Search Image

Option 3: Generate Image

Create a unique image with the "Generate Image" feature. Type a description of the image you need and select a style—Realistic, Cartoon, or Sketch. This is great for tailor-made visuals.

Generate Image Options

Step 3: Upload Your Selected Image

Once you choose an image, click the "Upload Image" button at the bottom of the sidebar to add it to your flashcard.

Step 4: Review and Save

Preview the image on your flashcard. If it looks good and enhances the content, save your changes. Now your flashcard not only carries valuable information but also visual aids to boost learning retention.

By following these steps, you can make your study sessions more effective and engaging with visually enriched flashcards.


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